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Do I need to update? The top three reasons why you should update the Whoscall number database weekly!

Whoscall Introduction
2022-08-10 | Whoscall


“Whoscall wants me to update again…” “It seems to be working even if I don’t update? Why do I have to update all the time?”
Have you ever wondered why Whoscall keeps reminding you to open the app to update the number database?
Or perhaps you are curious what the updates actually do?
Ta-da! Your magic genie is here to answer all these questions, and more!

What’s all this about the number database?

Have you ever experienced a situation when Whoscall occasionally fails to recognize incoming calls? Whenever this happens, you should check to see if you have updated the number database! In fact, the app’s ability to recognize numbers accurately is directly linked to number database updates. The Whoscall global numbers database comes from the follow four sources, and data is updated through these channels to give you the latest and most accurate identification information.

  • Governmental cooperation
    With more than 1.6 billion phone numbers from across the globe, we cooperate with
    numerous overseas government agencies to integrate scam information and provide more comprehensive identification of unknown numbers.

  • User reports
    Whoscall has been downloaded more than 100 million times worldwide. Reports from users around the globe help make the number database even more comprehensive.

  • AI fraud prevention
    State-of-the-art AI technology analyzes and predicts the behavior of fraud groups, accurate identifies unknown numbers, provides early warnings, and prevents malicious reports and fraudulent use of numbers.

  • Review team ・Two-factor verification
    A dedicated number review team reviews report data at all times, sorting through false reports and private numbers to improve the accuracy of number identification.

Whoscall has a huge database of 1.6 billion numbers, which is an incredible tool to help identify numbers and warn users about malicious calls!

Number database 101: Top three reasons why you should update it!

1. Number tag! So phone numbers are constantly changing?

    Phone numbers associated with scammers, telemarketing, and company organizations, etc., are continuously changing. In particular, fraud calls often use a strategy of using IP Internet phones to quickly obtain new numbers or falsify numbers to pretend to be a business’ number. After they are reported, they can just change their number again.

    Since numbers change so rapidly, Whoscall has to stay up to speed, importing new numbers into the database weekly and reminding you to open the app and update it!

    2. Integrating 1.6 billion numbers and sending them to your phone

      Whoscall has a database of 1.6 billion phone numbers from across the globe. If each call is added to the app database, it would take up tons of storage on users’ phones. Because of this, Whoscall integrates a local list of highly active numbers and the latest high-risk numbers, including scams, high-frequency telemarketing, and harassing calls and imports this list to the number database. Users just need to update their app manually or automatically each week to be fully protected by Whoscall.

      3. What will happen if I don’t update weekly?

        Numbers change rapidly. If the database isn’t continuously updated, the latest active numbers may not be recognized, resulting in a decrease in recognition rate. According to Whoscall statistics, the Thailand number database is updated with an average of more than 30,000 numbers* every week. By adding these numbers to your Whoscall app, you can greatly enhance number recognition rate! In addition, the number database will continue to update its high-risk numbers to help keep users safe from all kinds of nasty scams and protect the safety of your calls.

        *This number is based on weekly statistics in Taiwan, the actual data may vary by market according to differences in iOS and Android systems.

        Premium version exclusive: Upgrade to automatic number database updates!
        Updating the number database weekly helps maintain better call recognition, but what if you are feeling a little lazy one week or just plain forget?

        Now, as long as you upgrade to Whoscall Premium, you can enjoy automatic number database updates! Once this function is enabled, you no longer need to manually open the app to update it. Whoscall will automatically import numbers each week so that you have the most up-to-date number information!

        User FAQ’s! Your magic genie is here with answers

        Q: Why does the Android version of the app show “the number database is outdated; the number cannot be recognized” when getting a phone call?
        This is because your number database is out of date. Please update it to ensure the caller ID function works properly.

        Q: Why does the Android version of the number database expire? Can’t I just download all the numbers at once?
        As mentioned above, if all 1.6 billion numbers were imported into the app database at once, it would take up a lot of space on your phone. As scammers are getting more creative and replacing phone numbers at higher rates, it is important to update the Whoscall number database weekly, so that the information stays current. We recommend upgrading to Whoscall Premium and use the auto update function so that you have the best number-identification experience!

        Q: Since I can’t download all the numbers at once, can I just search numbers online?
        The environment in which we answer the phone may cause differences in mobile network speed, which in turn affects the results of online queries. The number database allows users to identify results even with no internet connection. Therefore, although Whoscall has an online search function, we recommend users download the latest number database regularly to ensure better identification potential.

        The more up-to-date the database is, the more powerful number recognition is!
        Learn more about Whoscall Premium: