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The Whoscall Technology

We spot malicious calls and ensure best communication
security with a phone number identification technology
based on a massive database and artificial intelligence

The Most Accurate

AI Prediction Technology

Whoscall utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to analyze and predict scam groups to identify abnormal numbers and provide a forward warning.

The Most Authentic

Global User Reports

Through a report system that is widely used around the world, Whoscall is able to establish the most up to date and accurate number labeling system. A number verification team is constantly reviewing reports and ensuring falsely reported numbers are removed.

The Most Rigorous

Cooperation with Foreign Authorities

Whoscall works closely together with international governments and police departments to share fraud number databases, greatly increasing the effectiveness of screening calls.

The Most Comprehensive

Public Databases

Whoscall is able to compile a comprehensive set of data through technology that allows Whoscall to search public international databases.

Certified by International Information Security Program

Whoscall has been constantly improving its information security requirements to safeguard our clients’ user data. The application has been certified by the ISO 27001 and 27701 standards.

ISO 27001
Information Security Management System,ISMS
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ISO 27701
Privacy Information Management System,PIMS
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Data Security Statement

Rigorous Personal Data Protection MechanismWhoscall aims to provide you with the most accurate caller ID service to help you identify unknown callers in real time and avoid spam or harassment calls. Your authorized data are protected and we will never illegally sell or disclose the data to any third parties.

Data AnonymizationAll of the information about number you use, search or generate after a phone call will be processed with de-identification technology and converted into non-personally identifiable information. We will never share or use un-identified, unencrypted data.

We Will Never Request for Unneccessary App PermissionsWe will only ask for the minimum permissions required to activate the app and provide necessary functions. Detailed descriptions are provided to you before we request for the permissions.
You can cancel any permissions required by the app at any time.

Learn About Our Privacy Policy

Information Security FAQ

Whoscall is liable for the security of all user data. Here is our double encryption approach: AES encryption is implemented on mobile devices and SSL encryption is used during data transmission. All of the data you provide will be compiled into anonymous statistical analysis information that is non-personally identifiable. We work hard to ensure your privacy and data security.

Whoscall requests for app permissions from Android users to provide full range of product features. For example, we request you to set Whoscall as the default call app to identify incoming calls faster and ensure phone number blocking works correctly. We request for SMS permission to enable SMS source identification.

A scope of the application of each permission requested will be provided to you beforehand. You may cancel or refuse to grant such permissions at any time if you do not accept how we collect, process and use your data, but you will not be able to enjoy the full range of product features afterwards. Please refer to the following features enabled by the permissions we request for.

In addition, due to system restriction, we only request for permission to use APNs from iOS users.

【Product Features Enabled by Each Android App Permission】

  • Phone/ Call Logs/ Contacts: The basic permissions to enable caller identification, telecom identification, and phone number block features. These permissions are essential to activate core product features.
  • Default Call App: The permission is required to enhance call identification speed and ensure phone number blocking works correctly.
  • SMS: The permission is required to enable SMS source identification.
  • Default SMS App: The permission is required to block or send SMS messages.
  • Camera/ Media/ Microphone: These permissions are required to send rich multimedia MMS messages (a sub-function of SMS) via Whoscall.
Whoscall will never monitor your phone calls as it is a violation of our code of ethics.